Reynolds Concert Grand Double Top
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (Ode to Joy)
by Filippo Morelli

Just beginning to learn the first segment of an arrangement by Mark Anthony Cruz. One of my favorite Beethoven pieces. This is played on a Reynolds Concert Grand classical guitar. Double top Chocolate Cedar and phenomenal moonscape Cocobolo. If only I could play as well as this guitar can make music.

Jonathan Sloane – Capri Orange T

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Octave Mandolin
Last Note
Written and played by WMD

The latest album by WMD, Last Note, features a song composed, sung and played by Jackson Wieland on a Morelli Octave Mandolin.

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Reynolds Woodsong Double Top
“Almost There”
Written and played by Filippo Morelli

This is one of the first double top steel string guitars ever made. Originally built by Randy Reynolds for the Healdsburg, CA Guitar Festival – old growth Adirondack Spruce and old Brazilian Rosewood.

“Almost There” is a piece I wrote especially for this guitar.

Octave Mandolin
played by Gerry Kunkel

Played by Gerry Kunkel, this Octave Mandolin is created with a Canadian Spruce top which is hand carved and tap tuned. The body and neck are Eastern Hard Curly Maple with all other appointments in Pao Ferro. Hardware is all relic’d and the finish a vintage burst in nitrocellulose lacquer.

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Twin Octave Mandolins
Barton Hollow
Chris Verhoeven and Filippo Morelli

Twin Octave Mandolins built side by side in the hands of luthiers Todd Stock and Filippo Morelli. Chris Verhoeven (right) and Filippo Morelli (left) playing, “Barton Hallow” by the Civil Wars.

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1936 Gibson L-30 Archtop Restoration
“John’s Hurt”
Written and played by Filippo Morelli

This 1936 Gibson L-30, in the original owner family, came in for a restoration. Its top separating in pieces, the back broken in two, flat with all the braces no longer supporting the back.

After the restoration, it had a wonderfully bluesy sound that only a 75 year old archtop would have. I wrote “John’s Hurt” (based on Mississippi John Hurt influence) to demonstrate this guitar’s sound.

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Morelli 000-28
“Memory Lane”
Written and played by Joe Bloom

Morelli 000-28 12 fret slot head played by Joe Bloom, entitled “Memory Lane”

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East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce top. Honduran Mahogany slot head neck. Cocobolo headplate and bridge. Bound in curly maple. 25.34″ scale, Ebony fretboard.

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Morelli 1937 Segovia Homage
“Fernando Sor Op. 35 No. 17”
by Filippo Morelli,

A Morelli Segovia Homage classical based on the 1937 Hauser made famous by Andrés Segovia.

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Master grade Lutz Spruce top braced with Swiss moon harvested Spruce. The neck is Honduran Mahogany with a Madagascar Ebony 650mm fretboard and Macassar Ebony binding. Bridge and headplate are also Brazilian Rosewood.

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Morelli Electrics & Amp,
“Ally Day Long”
Played by Marcello & Filippo Morelli