Shad Peters Unfortunate Event Becomes an Opportunity

Once in a while we have the opportunity to witness a tragedy turn a new leaf, or a wrong made a right. Even better, sometimes we are blessed with the opportunity to participate in the blessing.

Peters Instruments Burns Down

Peters Instruments Burns Down

On New Years eve, Shad Peters had the great misfortune of having his shop burn down. This was a travesty, with all equipment, guitars in flight, other shop-related items all extinguished by a rapid flame.

Well what happened as a tragedy on New Years Eve has now become a groundswell by the luthier and guitarist community to help Shad rebuild. Folks from all walks of life are pitching in and with a bit of perseverance and faith, Shad will be back on his feet and creating beautiful instruments again for his clients in 2015.

I don’t personally know Shad, at least face-to-face. But we participated on a luthier forum together for a few years. I knew Shad as a curious, industrious and always kind individual. It an Internet of faceless names, his kindness struck me, enough so that I welcomed the chance to help in whatever little way I could. And it seems that Shad has touched others in the same way.

Here’s how you can help:

You can keep track of updates at Peters Instrument Facebook page.
Financial donations can be made at GoFundMe.
If donating tools or supplies, I have set up a Google Sheet.

May God bless you, Shad!