Parasound HCA-1500A Restoration and Upgrade

Materials: Parts list can be seen here.

Background: This is one of a series of solid state amplifiers designed by the legendary John Curl. Mr Curl has frequented various audio forums from time to time, and made recommendations for improvements on how his original designs were manufactured.

Restoration and Upgrades: This amplifier was non-working. All capacitors were upgraded, along with some resistors and other components. Several circuit changes were made, as well. The above spreadsheet provides a full list of updated components.

Greenridge Amplification
Micro Bassman LTP

Built in partnership with Todd Stock.

Materials: Parts list can be seen here.

Cabinet Construction Details: Hand-cut dovetail Pine construction cabinet and Tolex covering by Todd Stock. Point-to-point wiring and the best electronic components money can buy. Thanks to Todd for doing much of the electronics legwork.

Construction Details: Based on Rob Robinette’s Micro Bassman Long Tail Pair circuit work, and built at Greenridge Guitars. Emminence Cannabis Rex 10″ speaker. JJ Electronics 12AX7 tubes.

Greene & Greene Coffee Table

Item: Greene & Greene Coffee Table

Material: Honduran Mahogany and Gabon Ebony

Construction Details: I drew this design based on photos of an original by Darrell Peart, whom I believe to be the finest student of the Greene & Greene style. All mortise and tenon construction.

1957 Fender 5e3 Deluxe Amplifier Replica

Item: 1957 Fender Deluxe 5e3 Chassis Replica

Materials: Finger joint Pine with vintage tweed covering

Construction Details: Point-to-point wiring, many vintage bits and pieces from Bruce Collins out at Mission Amps. Vintage finish on the tweed and made to look like the real thing from a closet find.

Krenov Style Cabinet and Stand

Item: Krenov Style Cabinet and Stand

Material: Eastern Soft Curly Maple and Padauk

Construction Details: Shortly after James Krenov’s passing, I was inspired by several of his books to tackle and design a krenov-style cabinet and stand. I felt that the only way to intimately understand Krenov’s philosophies and mannerisms around wood was to create something in his style.

The cabinet is curly maple, in which I kept natural irregularities within the piece to maintain its organic nature. Ambrosia maple was used for the back panel to establish depth. 18th century French restoration glass is mounted in the door and sidelights. The base is Padauk and its cabinet mount is inset so that the cabinet seems to float about the stand.

In Krenov style all small pieces – glass mounts, latches, bump stocks – are hand carved. No router profiling is used, rather the edges are hand shaped with a plane to provide a more natural ease. The finish is a mixture of polyurethane wiped on and then buffed out with black oxide papers, steel wool and carnauba wax in the wool.

Greene & Greene Style Mirror

Item: Greene & Greene Style Mirror

Material: Sapele Mahogany and Macassar Ebony.

Construction Details: I drew this design as a close copy to an original from Darrell Peart, whom I believe to be the finest student of the Greene & Greene style. The mirror is assembled with Macassar Ebony plugs. Finished with a polyurethane stain and Briwax.

Tea Box

Item: Tea Box

Materials: Eastern Curly Maple and Padouk

Construction Details: While boxes seem deceptively simple, they are difficult to make perfectly square. I designed this box to contrast the red hue of Padouk against the white Eastern Curly Maple. A difficult combination as the red dust can easily penetrate and stain the Maple pores if great care is not taken. The box is fully mitred with contrasted splines.

Kitchen Knife Block

Item: Kitchen Knife Block

Materials: Cocobolo Rosewood, 67-layer Damascus Steel

Construction Details: Damascus steel displays a magnificent pattern in the steel blade, with these particular blades having 67 layers. Which such a stunning knife, I thought it would be a shame to hide the blades in a knife block. Instead I designed this Cocobolo block, which has embedded N52 magnets. The handles are also made from Cocobolo, showing both sap and hardwood. This 3-knife set was designed for a compact kitchen, taking up minimal counter space while provide the most commonly used blades – a paring knife, chef knife, and vegetable cleaver.