Tenor Ukulele
High-figure Acacia
Kasha braced

Body: Shell Pink T

Woods: Curly Acacia (Tasmanian Blackwood), Spanish Cedar neck, Ebony and Bloodwood appointments.

Construction Details: This ukulele is constructed with fairly unique bracing methods: Kasha bracing on the top, with asymmetrical bridge, and ring bracing on the back with flyover cross bracing. Treble-side sound hole with bass-side acoustic port.

The body is constructed with master grade Acacia from Australia. Acacia is the species of wood traditional to the ukulele. Commonly found in Hawaii, named Koa, and Australia which is named Tasmanian Blackwood. The neck is Spanish Cedar, elevated fingerboard in Ebony. Bridge and headplate are Ebony. The body and fretboard are bound in Bloodwood. Finished with a thin water-based urethane.


Morelli Octave Mandolin

Hear this mandolin.  

Body: Octave Mandolin

Woods: Eastern Hard Curly Maple back and sides, Canadian Spruce top, Eastern Hard Curly Maple neck and binding, Pao Ferro fretboard, headplate, heel cap, pick guard, bridge and saddle.

Construction Details: Full carve top, f holes, asymmetrical 3 piece neck, elevated fretboard, blind two way truss rod, Evo gold wire, blind suspended pick guard, dovetail neck, Stewmac vintage tuners, custom archstop style adjustable saddle and bridge. Three color tobacco sunburst, Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Notes: Hardware relic’d for a vintage look. Floating pick guard does not touch the top.