Broken Headstock Repair
Les Paul Goldtop 1960 Reissue

Background: Gibson necks are very weak at the nut, due to a large truss rod access hole. This mid nineties Les Paul came in with a broken neck, suffered from falling off a stand. The complete guitar was also hazed out from the binding and finish gassing out.

Repairs: The neck was carefully cleaned out to prepare for a glue and a caul made to support the back of the neck break during glue-up. Thinned hot hide glue was used to ensure the full crack area received glue. The crack was now nearly invisible. Thickened lacquer was then used to fill the finish crack which was then leveled and polished. The complete guitar was disassembled with all metal and finished buffed, removing the gas out haze. Playability issues which the client articulated were addressed with a complete setup.