Neck Refinish, fret Level Crown & Polish
Henner Hagenlocher

Background: This wonderful guitar was made in the Smallman style by Henner Hagenlocher in Granada Spain using Canadian Cedar and Brazilian Rosewood. Unfortunately the guitar had suffered misrepair by a previous luthier and its player, who plays 2 hours/day, complained of left hand fatigue. The neck finish was worn through and the frets exhibited significant wear. The back was also separating at the lower bout. As a working instrument the now thin french polish required complete rejuvenation.

Repairs: The neck had to be stripped of its original finish. The player’s body chemistry etched the finish. Given chemistry issue, the neck was refinished with epoxy with french polish over top. The frets were then reground, polished with careful chamfering of the fretboard edges to improve playability. A complete setup focused to minimize left hand fatigue while still supporting the players right hand playing style. Finally the back was repaired with hot hide glue and the complete guitar received french polish.