1936 Gibson L-30 Archtop

Hear this guitar.  

Background: Owned by the original family since about 1938. Extensive internal cracks in the top and back, with previous improper epoxy repairs. The back braces were unglued and the back was no longer arched. Fretboard and frets in mediocre condition.

Restoration: The back needed to be removed to properly address structural issues. The goal of restoration is to minimize any impact to the guitar’s existing condition and patina while returning it to a safely playable condition. Given the original black lacquer finish without bindings, removing the back without damaging the finish was an exceptional challenge. The top had 3 significant cracks and the back was broken in two. Internal water damage and mold required wood removal and remediation. Repairs using spruce cleats and hot hide glue brought the guitar back to structurally sound condition. Frets were gently polished and very minor touchup performed on the original lacquer.