Fret Level, Crown, Polish, Nut, Setup
Fender American Telecaster

Background: A good example of how factory guitars are not necessarily well set up, this Telecaster was brought to our shop by a player complaining of the low E string slipping off the neck. Furthermore the frets showed significant wear. The neck had 0.010″ relief and the bridge saddles were set very high.

Repairs: The original factory nut was installed in the wrong location, with the nut approximately 30 thousandths too close to the edge. The original plastic nut was cut from the finish, the bottom of the nut slot cut flat and a new buffalo bone nut made. Frets were leveled, crowned and mirror polished. Action was then dialed in, including neck relief, intonation, fret height and 1st and 12th frets. Finally dents in the back of the neck were filled and flushed to improve playability.