Broken Headstock Repair
1986 Martin HD-28

Background: With its original owner since new, this guitar has traveled the country and played on many stages. It suffered a severe fall when a cable wrapped around its stand and threw the guitar across the stage. What resulted was a nasty neck failure: a v-split at the volute and a heavily damaged head plate. Head plate removal showed complete split headstock in 3 pieces.

Repairs: The head plate was removed and a new one made in Bolivian Rosewood. Typically I use fish glue for repairs. In this case given the extreme wood damage, structural epoxy was used. Head was pieced back together, then glued to the “V” break on the neck. The head plate was made an extra 50% thicker than the factory head plate, to increase strength. The head plate also glued with structural epoxy. The complete neck had all imperfections repaired, airbrushed with brown mahogany stain mix in nitro lacquer, then completely shot in nitro lacquer.