1934 Gibson KG-11 (Carson J Robinson)

Background: In the early 1930’s Gibson made a version of the KG-11 ladder-braced guitar for sale by Montgomery Ward. The headstock carried the Carson J Robinson name – a famous cowboy musician during that time.

This instrument arrived to us in tremendous disrepair. Owned by one family since new. Extensive top runout damage, bracing failure, neck warped, mold, and even bird poop from years in an attic. Extensive disassembly, reconstruction, refinishing, and cosmetic restoration and repair.

Restoration: Complete disassembly. Top runout repaired, all new bracing with additional reinforcement for the top while retaining a ladder brace structure. Neck disassembled, two carbon fiber rods added for structural reinforcement. Mold created to reshape the instrument, which arrived highly distorted. Finish carefully restored and preserved to keep its patina while allowing the ability for use in many years to come.